Hotel 'Finca Prats' 5* Spa & Golf and 'Blanc' restaurant

Location: Lleida
Project Date: 09/03/2011
Work date: 17/03/2011
Surface: 7,217.39 m2

Internally the building is formed across an overlapping space in a constant and fluid limit, with special care of attending to the concepts of flexibility and unpredictability at the moment of occupying these spaces on the part of his users and that these could use the different zones of the interior of the building as spaces estanciales and relation, sending us to the use of cold and hot materials in contrast, but nobles and placed in nude, without artifice. The interior materiality tries to associate the luxury and the comfort not with the used materials, but with the space that contains them.

3 Habitatges unifamiliars aïllats

Location: Almenar
Surface: 1,114.38 m2

A solution of two more or less fragmented units, idea that removes to the end in the conception of the cover, entente as one great plan that crowns two boxes that go away maclando in a game of lights and shades that form the texture and quality of the spaces, and only torn by a viewing-point that emerges of the cover simultaneously that moves back, allowing his utilization generating a plan and a corridor of conference on the garden, and that go moving him about the final point of the ramp and they look of spreading out to adapt to the topography generated by the ramp and the plan of the garden, which places for on the low one to favor the minor visual impact and a comfortable relation between the zones of being.

4 Habitages unifamiliars aïllats

Location: Unha
Surface: 1,474.49 m2

To construct in the mountain. To generate a unit from 4 one-family housings that they arrange on of a common support. The project looks for the singularity from the sequence of volumes. His disposition searches better of between the counterfoil of parameters that form the sights, the orientation and the topography corrected under a common element of socle and accesses.

Habitatge unifamiliar aïllat a Lleida

Location: Lleida
Surface: 323.76 m2

It can be considered the compositive basis that governs the housing as the balance of 2 volumes that they are born of the break of the cover, the first one, container of the program more properly residential, with a marked stratigraphy but with the attempt of looking for a difficult unit with other one, of more limited dimensions and of form paralelepídica, that contains the program of garage and workshop and is opened for the landscape of the garden, and that encaballa to the first one, allowing the transition I turn the bottom of the lot and annotating the space garden to define it and to distance it of the flow of vehicles of the street. The different volumes despliegan of gradual form to give character to the resultant space with shades of shade.

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