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pampolsarquitec+e is a company with a strong customer orientation, grounded in project quality and rigor of their work efforts and their internal criteria of quality control processes.

We are firmly convinced that the person is the foundation of the company as well as the best guarantee of good service and, consequently, we pay great attention to professional and personal development of individuals in our team.

The size and business capacity of pampolsarquitec+e and go beyond the physical limits of the company's own, since it has a fixed team of collaborators and other companies of technical services that, as a stable consulting, developing different projects entrusted to us.

Other important strategic bets as continuous technological innovation, implementation of quality systems and environmental aspects of production processing and the permanent opening new fields of activity, are always tools routed to the satisfaction of the real needs of our customers .

At pampolsarquitec+e we do mainly develop building projects: single-family and multi-family residential, hotels, equipment: educational, health, etc ...; restoration and development with the corresponding addresses and site management and provide technical advice on the design and calculation of building structures and other activities based on proven, such as appraisals, audits and / or expert opinions and specific professional experience.

In all our offers, competitions, projects and works, it is one of our main concerns and priority objectives building a bioclimatic design and sustainability of the means and resources used, as well as energy efficiency of the proposed solutions to the pursuit of the lowest possible energy consumption (standards NZEB (Net Zero Energy Building), ...) accredited by regulated processes (Active House, GBCe GREEN, LEED, BEAM, NZEB, Passivhaus, etc ...)

We are members of Green Building Council Spain (GBCe) and are certified for Energy Certification of Buildings (EEC), while training have GBCe GREEN accreditation and Active House, among others.

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