Mission statement


Architecture is a continuous search for the ideal and at the same time a trail, an inventory of reality.

It has been our quest from the beginning to seek a form that expresses both of these conditions and that resolves the latent contradictions of ambition, program and site.

Desire and reality form an increasingly conflicted relationship.

Thus, we pursue strategies that do not adhere to a single vision of cohesion but rather integrate discrepancies and extremes with organizational logic and clarity.

And all from a plural effort to contribute to the debate and decision making, understanding that corresponds us to bring the knowledge and creativity that can reach a different culture; a conscious architecture in a more sustainable society.

As active members of the most renowned professional associations of experts, we claim it is possible to see things in a different way.

http://www.coac.net/COAC/Agenda_Setmanal/2011/Setmana_09/COAC1.jpg http://static1.squarespace.com/static/528b85cfe4b030a48afd1efc/t/54f335ade4b0376cee723504/1425225133844/ http://www.urbanistasperu.org/12345%20&%20$$$$$$$$--a100%25_b200%25_c300%25_0000%20surp%20v1a2a3y%20e4e5r6j%20a7m8m9c_confidencial_directory_00aer%25%25/worldplannersassociations/Resize%20of%20logo-surp-03.jpg http://www.gbce.es/archivos/ckfinderimages/logoCSCAE_B2_jpg.jpg

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