Immoble plurifamiliar compost de dues plantes soterrani per a pàrquing i trasters, dues plantes sense ús i sis plantes d'ús residencial per a 30 habitatges amb P.O.

Location: Lleida | Surface: 6,936.90 m2

The building looks of solving the limitations imposed by the planning (regulatory obligatory height, the only crowning) and his specificity on having had 5 housings for plant, by means of a distribution in plant in the shape of esvàstica, at the time that there adopts an image of the only basement banking, on which there gets accommodated a volume of corrected height, tinted by the disposition of the elements of solar protection that grant him a certain vibration and the smoothness that the inability to fly stems from his directives. The balconies are wanted for in.

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